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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Kolle - Koki Beans

from Cameroon, with eßkultur since 2007

It was during a company outing: deeply moved Kolle stopped in front of an art-nouveau house in Glockengasse, Cologne. But it was not architecture that sparked his joy, it was the scent emitting from this house. It smelled not of freshly baked cakes nor of substantial luncheons, it was the smell of Eau de Cologne, that conquered the world from this house (number 4711). Kolle knew Aqua Colonia, the water from Cologne, from Cameroon, from Limbe to be exact, his hometown. There the smell is connected with a very special occasion: the birth of a child. If you wanted to bathe the baby, you had to wash your hands in Eau de Cologne first. For years Kolle was convinced that Eau de Cologne meant "water of life".

To this day its smell reminds him of that very special day in the life of all humans: the one real birthday, the day of birth.

By the way: birthday celebrations only start one year later. But then all family members are invited, all friends, and if possible the whole village (sadly, Limbe is too big for this). And with it goes a special kind of birthday cake: Koki Beans, a savory cake made of beans and palm oil. To "bake", the dough is filled into banana leaves and formed into a cone. The bigger the celebration party, the bigger the cake. The biggest one that Kolle ever tasted was one meter in diameter. Birthday children do not get a single piece from their cakes. They have to wait for at least another year, before they may taste the spicy pie with rice or plantain chips. And during their year of waiting they may also look forward to those beautiful chinchin: a kind of deep-fried orange loops, that must not be absent from any fest. Sometimes Kolle makes them for us ... ah, if only every single day was a birthday!