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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Sebastian - scoring goals

from Germany, with eßkultur since 2011

Cooking can be pretty ruminant: peeling carrots for hours, and then dicing them. Beating cream and eggs, until the right moment, so it can be mixed with well-tempered chocolate. It's not only "mmh", it can also be "om". Some people cook to harmonize their souls. Not so Sebastian!

Basti cooks as he plays football: determined and fast. Recipes are his rules, and sometimes you may bend them a little. Fouls annoy him, and his goal is clear: dinner has to be tasty and finished before the final whistle. "If you go 2 - 0 down, there can be no one-all draw anymore."

His birthday cake used to be Peach Melba. A convenience product made famous by the confectionery industry, but sadly they do not produce it anymore. Now he sometimes makes his own birthday cake, the only recipe that always works. He hates baking, but goals have to be scored.

In cooking, Basti plays premier league. He knows that you can only lift the trophy if you are playing in the right team, and if the going gets hard he sticks to Lukas Podolski's wisdom: "Now we have to roll up our heads. And our sleeves too, of course."

Thanks for scoring with us!