who eats what when where with whom why?

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I was walking across the market square again, and over at the corner the fruiteress hailed me rather amicably and quite trustingly, as if we had been friends for a very long time. Because of my broken Italian she thought I was an Englishman at first; but I confessed that I was merely a German. Presently she posed a lot of geographical, economical, hortological, and climatical questions regarding Germany, and was amazed when I also confessed that lemons do not grow in our country. "Alas, dear lady!" I said, "our country is very chilly and wet, our summers are merely winters painted green, and, between you and me, a baked apple is our only kind of ripe fruit."

"Journey from Munich to Genoa"
by Heinrich Heine

Our favourite question is "who eats what, when, where, with whom, and why?"
Every occasion is special, and for every occasion there is the right thing to eat.

eßkultur offers individual catering for your event, whether it is a family celebration, a company event or a conference, whether as set menu, as buffet, or as finger food, whether in one of our locations or at a place of your choice.

If you like your buffet oriental or mediterranean or Brandenburg style, if you are looking for that culinary extra for your conference, or if you want something special for your celebration: We invite you to join us in culinary trips through the cuisines of the world.

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eßkultur serves you in the Dahlem Museum Complex, in the Tagesspiegel canteen, and in our Zitronencafé in Körnerpark.