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company history

after school Birgitt Claus, born 1964 in Düsseldorf, set out to become a nurse in Regensburg and then worked at the Berlin Humboldt Hospital for a couple of years. At the same time she enrolled at Berlin Technische Universität to study "politics and labour theory" with the intent to become a teacher. But during preparation of her thesis - title: Japanese Cuisine as Exemplified by Preparing Sushi - she realized what her real passion is: food, its cultural background, and all the stories around it.

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In July 1998 she went professional, founding her company "eßkultur". She was awarded the Berlin Female Founders' Prize (1998), the Founders' Prize of ZDF broadcasting service (1998), and the Founders' Prize of Berlin's Neukölln district (1999). Since autumn 2001 her company has been operating the cafeteria and restaurant in the Dahlem museum complex, Berlin, supporting exhibitions with matching foods, drinks, and a literary framework. Regularly eßkultur hosts culinary events like a "fairy-tale brunch" with oriental stories in a bedouin tent, a wide array of readings with matching three-course menus in "literature for dinner", and several cooking classes. Also, eßkultur presents exhibitions on culinary topics in its restaurant and cafeteria.

In 2002 Annette Hartmann founded a sister company in Cologne, carrying the idea of eßkultur to the Rhineland.

In Spring 2005 eßkultur staged its first trip to Italy, enthusing 24 guests with cuisine from 2000 years of mediterranean history. By now eßkultur travels to Italy several times every year, with destinations in Cilento, Tuscany and Sicily, and starting 2017 also to the Marche region.

Since summer 2009 eßkultur has also been catering for the Tagesspiegel daily newspaper in Berlin. eßkultur operates the staff canteen and hosts numerous events concerned with literature and cuisine, in cooperation with Tagesspiegel.

In summer 2010 eßkultur staged its first bicycle tour through the beautiful scenery around Berlin, inviting 25 guests to follow the footsteps and culinary witticisms of writer Theodor Fontane. Bicycle tours continue on a somewhat irregular basis.

Since April 2014 eßkultur has also been operating the "Zitronencafé" in Körnerpark art gallery, Berlin-Neukölln and since april 2018 esskultur tookover the restaurant at Jüdisches Museum Berlin.