who eats what when where with whom why?

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eßkultur concept

eßkultur (German for "cuisine" or "culture of gastronomy") is dedicated to the cultural history of food. Our motto is "who is eating what how when with whom, and why?" We stage savoury trips through cuisines and cultures of the world. We are interested in the cuisine of the world and like to get to know other cultures by way of their rituals, customs and ceremonies concerning their food.

We are a multi-cultural company, cultivating mutual respect and equality. We denounce any discrimination, be it for reasons of gender, race, culture, social status, religion or sexuality. Our 50 team members come from all possible ways of life. We see our work as a way to connect with people of all generations and cultures.

We are aware of our responsibilities towards our guests and collegues. Inside our company we contribute to the realization of equality and overcoming any form of discrimination. We value the sustainable use of our resources, we use foodstuffs economically and respectfully. We exclusively use high-quality foods, whereever possible from regional and organic production. We only use fair-trade teas, coffees and chocolates.