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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Jasper - no birthday cake!

When Jasper was a little boy, he had one wish for birthday: chocolate cake, dark, juicy, delicious chocolate cake. His father is Irish, and so there were special things for special days. For christmas there was Spiced Beef: meat marinaded in cloves and cinnamon. Traditionally it is served on 26 December. In Ireland butchers marinade the beef, there is a championship of beef marinaders. Jasper makes Spiced Beef every year for his friends on Boxing Day.

And on special days there also used to be Soda Bread at home, in Ireland you can have it all year round: a special kind of bread, originally made with white flour or brown wholemeal flour, soda, buttermilk and salt. Combined with oysters it reputedly is a good base for Irish beer or whiskey. For new year's eve there always was Soda Bread with oysters at home. Things little boys need, really.

But sometimes what they need is chocolate cake!

Once little Jasper explicitly wished for a chocolate cake, days before his birthday. And then there it was: a kind of panettone, a panettone gone wrong. Dry crumb, tasteless, boring. As a culinary highlight it was studded with candied fruits. The kind of fruits little Jasper wholeheartedly detested.

Jasper was appalled. He did not eat one bit of his birthday cake, he turned away and mournfully thought of the chocolate cake of his dreams. This was his year without a birthday cake, he has never been able to forget it. But for some time he has been able to talk about it – even publicly! And if he is really lucky, he will get a real chocolate cake for his next birthday, a very dark, very juicy, and very delicious chocolate cake.