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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Claude - Cameroonian Rübli Cake

from Cameroon, with eßkultur since 2014

Claude is from Bamenda, the third city of Cameroon. He grew up there, went to school and then to university. In Bamenda his mother used to make "Rübli" or carrot cake for his birthday, and for the birthdays of his three sisters and three brothers.

Rübli cake is from Aargau, Switzerland. The Swiss invented it a long time ago, the recipe can be traced back to 1892. The area around Aarau is called "the Rüebli canton" of Switzerland. How the recipe made its way from Aarau to Bamenda (or the other way around) is totally unknown. What is known, though, is that eßkultur's carrot cake tastes exactly, that is EXACTLY, like Claude's birthday carrot cake. Only that there was no creme on top in Bamenda.

Also known is how Claude found his way to eßkultur: when he was 24 he went to Chongquing in China. He taught English and learned Chinese, then he returned to Bamenda for a short period, and on to Berlin to study: environmental management. At eßkultur he took up the dishcloth to supplement his income. He finished his university degree swiftly, but there is more to study. He kept on studying and stayed with us, swopping dishcloth for kitchen knife. Now he washes salads, peels carrots (for the cake), fries meatballs and studies climate protection. He is a super colleague, loved by everyone. By watching the chef he learns to cook beside his studies, and to speak German.

Claude has seen a lot of this earth ... just like the carrot cake. Carrots are not only good for the eyes, they also make you cosmopolitan and smart!