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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Dilan - two theories on chocolate cake

It is a very interesting theory on the subject of birthday cakes: Dilan claims that all over Berlin in every Turkish family at every birthday celebration there is the same kind of cake: chocolate cake. Baked in a ring-cake form. By the way: this beautiful form with the hole in its middle looks a little like a Turkish turban. And one more thing by the way: the funnel in the middle guarantees even baking.

Dilan tries to prove her theory with photos of her birthday celebrations, and of other Turkish birthday celebrations. She has been watching birthday customs of her Turkish fellow-Berliners for roughly a year now, and sometimes she brings more proof: Yesterday I went to a birthday celebration, and guess what cake there was...

Until today social sciences have not been interested in "Birthday-Cake Customs of Turkish Families in Berlin". Another theory is being discussed instead: whether chocolate makes you happy, as chocolate connoisseurs and chocolate industry assert.

When Dilan joined us in 2014 she was very nice, but a little shy. She has been baking cake for some years now, and quite often that means chocolate cake. Which must be tasted, of course. Dilan seems to get happier every working day, she is always in good humour, and she passes it on to everybody she meets. Is it because of chocolate cake? If everybody cheered up like Dilan by consuming more chocolate cake, there should be a law ordering the consumption of chocolate cake on birthdays, and on 364 other days in the year.