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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Gregory - Tres Leches

from Dominican Republic, with eßkultur since 2010

Three Kinds of Milk, that's the name of Gregory's birthday cake. After baking you jazz up a simple sponge cake with three kinds of milk. Sweet condensed milk is one of them, unsweetened condensed milk and whole milk the others. You can add some rum if you wish. It is a traditional dessert in Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela and Central America. Let the three milks soak the cake and put a big bit of whipped cream on top. It is a wonderful thing with about one million calories, not for the cowardly.

Gregory is not cowardly, not at all. If there's mayhem in the kitchen because we have to prepare three caterings simultaneously, and there is no space at all, and the chef is on holiday, and the vegetable delivery is late: Gregory will be in full cry. He juggles pots, pans and smartphone, simultaneously cooking and searching the recipe for his next challenge. He cooks like a chef without any formal training. He does it with hip action and a wink in his eye. With him the kitchen is a zone of happiness, the scullery a health center. He works like others dance salsa or lambada: the upper part of his body hardly moves at all, all the power is in the legwork, and his good temper comes from his teamplay. It's his concept. This way he bakes the greatest cakes.

"And what cakes do you make for your kids? Tres Leches?" -- "No, on special occasions like that there's cakes made by their Saxon grandma," he smiles.