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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Ulrike - seventy-eight times

The German gentry started it all, at the beginning of the eighteenth century: children's parties for birthday, with cake and the correct number of candles, to celebrate the new year of one's life. Later the middle classes adopted the custom, and today it is pretty common in many happy families to combine birthday cake and the number of years of the birthday child's age in icing and/or candles. So everybody knows: today you are getting one year older.

Ulrike's grandfather was master confectioner, but sadly her father became an engineer, and that's why Ulrike only very rarely got a birthday cake. But if there was one – all in all maybe five times – it was a multi-storeyed masterpiece with filling and ornaments, cream, marzipan icing, and a whole lot of bric-a-brac in general. Now Ulrike has five kids of her own, 23, 21, 15, 12 and 6 years old. Every one of them gets a birthday cake, every year, the same one every time: marble cake with chocolate icing and sprinkles. And also a numerical brioche bun in the shape of the birthday child's age. Until today (2015, that is) Ulrike has made both cakes 78 times each.