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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Vera - kalinka moja!

Vera's is the most beautiful Russian accent you can imagine. She is from the Ural region, from Kumertau. There was bituminous coal, and honey, and whackingly beautiful scenery. And for birthday there were ALWAYS (and "always" would sound a bit like "hhaallways" if Vera spoke English) Russian salads Vinaigrette and Olivier, and pirogi, and pelmeni.

Anybody who is lucky enough to form those Siberian samosas with Vera, gets to know a lot about her childhood in the Bashkirs. For forming pelmeni is only a marginal thing, really. Chatting about old times is the main thing in such a pelmeni get-together.

"We never had birthday cake in my childhood, but pirogi with lots of different fillings, Russian salads, and pelmeni, of course, until my 16th birthday, then my mum was taken ill... it is a sad story, really ..." Vera is getting a little doleful thinking about birthday cake. Her life is divided into different sections. University in Moscow; Berlin since September of 1990. The eßkultur section starts in 2002.

Since then Vera has been working and celebrating with us. She taught us how to properly clink vodka glasses the proper Russian way, how to get herring in a fur coat (a famous Russian pie), she bought a garden and celebrates summer there. She invites us to taste her gardening successes. Recently she turned 60 and staged a veritable celebration of life for us and her friends. There was singing and dancing, and all of the 100  guests sang along to "kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moja!" In English that is "the berry is in the garden, raspberry mine!"

There was a huge birthday cake for Vera: Bashkir honey cake. "Ever since working here I've got birthday cake. It reminds me of my home: Bashkir honey, pelmeni, and whackingly beautiful scenery." Ever since you have been with us, dear Vera, we know how to really celebrate, with or without cake! Where would we be without you, where without our celebrations!?