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Beata - the cheesecake gene

Some things are genetic, and nothing you can do about it! This may be the form of a nose, or the colour of your hair, but for Beata it is the birthday cake that's in the genes.

Honestly, Beata's mother was not very good at baking. Or at least this legend has been in existence until today, and there is no way to disprove it now. Beata's mother was Polish, and in those days you considered yourself lucky if there were any ingredients at all available to make a cake. Ingredients for cheesecake, though, were available, sometimes. And as legend has it, this was the only cake that Beata's mum was able to make.

For everybody, for birthday, for christmas, for easter, and for any other occasion when there had to be cake. Beata inherited the recipe. Beata says she can cook, but baking may go wrong. Sometimes she tries to make other kinds of cake, but for birthday there's cheesecake. In the past mum made one, then Beata did it for her sons, and now everybody is waiting to see what cakes her sons will make for their kids. Who inherited the cheesecake gene?