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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Günther - the chosen one

Günther's recipe for Bohemian Apple Pie is a little demanding on the hobby confectioner, it requires patience and a firm belief that stamina and diligence will always prevail.

There are simpler ways to make apple pie.

As sure as eggs is eggs Günther's mum never used this recipe to make cake for any one of her eleven children. Anyway, there rarely was any cake at all for Günther and his siblings then, in 70s Rhineland Germany.

If you grow up with ten brothers and sisters you learn to get along and to take care of yourself. If you grow up with ten siblings you learn to go without much attention. Günther is world-class. Whenever somebody needs help, he will be there. If the worst comes to the worst, or if something takes longer than it should, Günther makes time. Are your siblings like that, too?

Günther chose his birthday cake himself. A cake that needs a lot of attention. He makes Bohemian apple pie for his partner and for his friends, and every time he spends hours and hours in the kitchen. And if his cake gets the praise it deserves, he is happy.

Dear Günther, you deserve awesome cake 365 times a year!