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Mitarbeiter von eßkultur Berlin

Tina - Black Forest gateau

Tina was happy, very happy. It felt like birthday when she got her birthday cake for this picture: Black Forest gateau, her birthday cake. As a child she could not pronounce the name and, growing up in Franconia, did not know anything about a black forest in Swabia, but sometimes she pinched one of the maraschino cherries, and she really liked that hint of schnapps in the cake.

Some facts about Black Forest gateau, or "BFG":

1915. Josef Keller from Riedlingen in Swabia, a baker's journeyman in Bad Godesberg (Rhineland), prepares for his master craftsman's diploma. Experimenting with cherries, batter and cream he creates a gateau. His customers like it.

1930. Erwin Hildenbrand of Café Walz in Tübingen, a town in Swabia that used to be part of Black Forest district until 1924, bakes his first BFG and claims to have invented it.

1934. Erich Weber mentions BFG in his book "250 Confectionery Specialties And How They Are Made".

1949. BFG scores 13th in the list of Germany's most famous gateaus.

1970. Tina eats her first BFG. At that moment BFG starts its triumphant advance and becomes Germany's most famous gateau – worldwide.

2014. The percentage of cherry schnapps in BFG gets regulated by law.

Ah, cake of world-wide fame, queen of German confectionery art, at the bottom of your pastry case you are just a flight of alcoholic fancy. Tina does not care. She loves you still, and right she is.